Ozuna's unique handshake an internet sensation

Ozuna's unique handshake an internet sensation

MIAMI -- It's not the first time Marlins antics have gone viral on Twitter. At the end of July, right-hander Tom Koehler got some attention for trying to "dunk on" Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the dugout in Houston.

Koehler jumped off the floor, grabbed hold of the dugout roof and tried to wrap his legs around Saltalamacchia's thighs. But he failed and fell to the ground, a scene that replayed across the Internet for a while.

Best handshake in @MLB? That'd be Marcell Ozuna & third base coach, Brett Butler: http://t.co/eJL5Wksm5S

- Miami Marlins (@Marlins) August 13, 2014

But now Marcell Ozuna's got the spotlight after coming up with an elaborate dance that was caught on camera on Wednesday. It's not the usual player-player handshake either. He executed it with third-base coach Brett Butler, and the pair of them clapped hands, gyrated their hips and hopped left and right.

"He's still whole," Ozuna joked of the 57-year-old Butler. "I do those with whoever wants to. I just come up with them in the moment, we practice it twice and that's it."

That the Marlins are able to have that kind of fun after 120 games is the "beauty of team chemistry," manager Mike Redmond said, but there's still a bit downside.

"I wish guys would remember the signs," Redmond said laughing. "They got those dances and all that stuff, but they miss steal signs that we've been putting on for six months now. So I guess it depends on what they wanna remember, right?"

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