Father's Day special for Marlins coaches, Eovaldi

Father's Day special for Marlins coaches, Eovaldi

MIAMI -- For many on the Marlins, Father's Day greetings were exchanged well before they got to the ballpark to face the Pirates on Sunday afternoon.

For third-base coach Brett Butler, the day was special for a couple of reasons. Butler is a father of four and a grandfather. On Sunday, he also celebrated his 57th birthday.

For pitcher Nathan Eovaldi, the day was memorable because he was becoming a father for the first time.

Eovaldi on Sunday was placed on MLB's paternity leave. He returned to his home in Texas to be with his wife, Rebekah, who was having labor induced later in the day.

For manager Mike Redmond, the day was one on which to appreciate fathers everywhere.

A father of two sons, Redmond also reflects on his own father, Pat Sr., who died in 2000.

"This is a big day," Redmond said. "Being a father myself, I understand how special it is. To get that call from the kids is neat.

"I still miss him a lot. Father's Day is always kind of a bittersweet day for me. I know he's up there still watching. I miss being able to talk to him. For all these guys, I know how important fathers are in their lives. I think we're all living our fathers' dreams playing in the big leagues. I wish everyone out there a Happy Father's Day."

Butler takes his responsibility as a parent seriously.

"I think what we have to do is just step back and appreciate our fathers and what they represent," he said. "For one, they give us structure. And two, they set an example for us to go forward and to be able to raise our family the proper way. "Whenever Father's Day comes around, it gives me a reminder that I want to be a good example to my son. I want to be a good example to my girls."

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