Redmond eager for MLB to move past PED talk

Redmond eager for MLB to move past PED talk

Redmond eager for MLB to move past PED talk

MIAMI -- With Major League Baseball's announcement of suspensions in connection with the Biogenesis investigation nearing, it can soon begin to move on from the latest incidents involving performance-enhancing drugs.

Marlins manager Mike Redmond is grateful for that opportunity.

Drug Policy in Baseball

"I would love to sit here and that I hope this is the end of it," Redmond said. "I think every time that a list has come out or a scandal with PEDs has come out, I think we all hope for the same thing that it's finally over with."

One positive Redmond has seen from the process is the tenacity of the players in disciplining the users. Closer Steve Cishek, Miami's union player representative, said on Tuesday that the players want "a level playing field."

Cishek believes the threat of suspension will deter future use of PEDs.

"I think the good thing is that the players, they're mad," Redmond said. "They're getting tired of it, and they should."

But current players are not the only ones concerned by the issue. Redmond, a former MLB catcher, is also eager to see the abuse of PEDs end.

"It concerns all of us," Redmond said. "It's our job. It's our livelihood. This is our reputation. I played. I played for 13 years. I have so much pride in this game, and it hurts that the game has been tainted. It hurts as a player, all of us. We want it to be clean."

For Redmond, the sooner MLB can move on from the Biogenesis scandal, the better. That's not what the teams want to talk about.

"It's too bad that with all these great races -- the Cardinals and Pirates -- that we're talking about the Biogenesis. We're not talking about the upcoming players. That's what we should be talking about. Hopefully, we finally get to that day when we're talking about baseball all the time. That's going to be the best part."

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