Redmond's long spring approaching its end

Redmond's long spring approaching its end

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Mike Redmond is a week away from finishing his first Spring Training as Marlins manager, and a few things have stood out. First off, he said, it's been a long spring. But because of that, he's had a chance to accomplish his goal of seeing as many players, big leaguers and prospects, as possible.

Miami started the spring with 74 players in camp, and that number has dwindled to 39 as of Sunday. As much as he's seen already this spring, Redmond, his staff and the Marlins' front office still have a few roster decisions remaining before Opening Day.

"This is a long one. For my first one, with 74 guys, I would say that it was right into the fire, so to speak. It's been a lot of work, but it's been good," Redmond said. "Part of my goal when I came in here was to see as many guys as I possibly could, and I did. Got to see a lot of our young kids, a lot of our prospects and got to see the pitchers and position players. I've learned a lot this spring."

Redmond admitted he'd prefer to be winding down his spring work at this point, not trying to fill out his roster. But with the rotation and possibly bullpen set to be finalized soon, and the position-player setup not too far behind, Redmond's long spring is at least nearing an end.

"That's just where we're at. I would love to be sitting here with a set team, where we know exactly everybody and we could kind of just play it out like we would during the season. But we're just not quite there yet," Redmond said. "I know that our regular guys, most of our regular guys, they're ready to go like probably most players are at this point. Now it's just a matter of just keeping them sharp and making sure that we don't overuse them, but I feel like everybody at this point is ready to go.

"We just have a couple decisions to make. We've just got to make these decisions. Everybody's got tons of at-bats. All the guys vying for the extra infield spot, outfield spot, they've all got 40 at-bats and 45 at-bats. Everybody's ready to go."

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