Martinez wants hitters to enjoy early success

JUPITER, Fla. -- Don't tell the Marlins that Spring Training doesn't mean much.

With jobs up for grabs, performance right now matters.

Hitting coach Tino Martinez doesn't believe it is too early to get the bats up to speed.

"There are a lot of guys who are here, who have a chance to make the team," Martinez said. "I mean, a lot of guys. I want them to start hitting now. Let's get going. I want them to have a good chance to make the team. To do their best."

Aside from results, Martinez also is preaching to the young players about having an approach.

With prospects like Jake Marisnick and Derek Dietrich, Martinez is stressing to stay back and not be too antsy.

Also, Marisnick made a mechanical adjustment by shortening his stance.

"That's what I'm seeing from Marisnick and Dietrich," Martinez said. "Just having them stay back on the ball, and using the whole field. I really just want them having a game plan going up there. They're doing an outstanding job with it."