Opportunity knocking for Pierre, young players

JUPITER, Fla. -- For the Marlins to have a successful season, they will be looking for their young players to produce quickly and their veterans to provide direction.

Juan Pierre is one of the established veterans on a young squad. The 35-year-old will play left field and lead off. His presence also should be a positive impact on players looking to make a name for themselves.

"If you're a young guy, or a guy on the fringe, or whatever, this is where you want to be," Pierre said. "I call it, 'The Land of Opportunity' right now. If you play well, the Marlins will have you in the big leagues, or they'll get you to somewhere you can go play."

Despite being so young, Pierre says the team has the capability to surprise some people.

"It's definitely a great opportunity for everybody," he said. "I think if everybody pulls together that we can actually have a good team. I know we're going to have to outwork guys.

"I know the young guys are working, and eager to go. I know, position-player-wise, we had pretty much everybody here the whole week. I think everybody is ready to go."

Marlins manager Mike Redmond was teammates with Pierre, and now he is his manager.

"I know Red is excited for his first manager's job," Pierre said. "The whole buzz around here is to get the job done, work, but have fun."