Greenberg's dream at-bat to come on Tuesday

Greenberg's dream at-bat to come on Tuesday

MIAMI -- Adam Greenberg will get his chance for his "one at-bat" with the Marlins on Tuesday. It just won't come in the first inning, as Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen suggested last week.

Guillen toyed with the idea of starting Greenberg, who was hit in the back of the head in his only Major League plate appearance seven years ago, in the outfield and then having him hit leadoff in the first inning to get that at-bat. However, Guillen said Monday that Greenberg won't start and will instead likely pinch-hit in the middle of the game.

"I think it was a good idea to lead him off, but it was a little bit bigger deal than I thought," Guillen said. "We're going to try to put him in the middle of the game to see how it works."

Greenberg's quest to get his big league at-bat is being documented by filmmaker Matt Liston, who has been spearheading the campaign to get Greenberg another opportunity. Guillen wants to help Greenberg, 31, fulfill his dream, but the Marlins skipper still wants to manage to win the game.

"Hopefully we can have it be for a pitcher, but I'm not going to pinch-hit him for the pitcher just because," Guillen said. "If I need a base hit to take the lead or something, then I'll figure out another inning. I'm going to manage to win the game. I'll figure out how to play him, but if there's the game on the line, I'm going to manage to win the game.

"I've lost a lot, but I'm going to win one. That's the way we're going to look at it. We shouldn't have any problems."