Stanton's compression sleeve a hit among fans

Stanton's compression sleeve a hit among fans

Stanton's compression sleeve a hit among fans
MIAMI -- At first, Giancarlo Stanton wore the sleeve for preventive reasons. Now it's become a fashion statement.

The bright orange sleeve that covers Stanton's right arm was even included on the slugger's bobblehead. Technically, the shade of color is "red-orange," which is part of the Marlins' new uniforms and logo.

Occasionally, you will see fans of all ages at Marlins Park also donning red-orange sleeve.

The "sleeved one" began wearing a black compression sleeve dating back to 2010.

"Initially, my rookie year, my elbow was bothering me," said Stanton, who made his big league debut on June 8, 2010.

To help his elbow, he would rub on some heating ointment, and he used a black compression sleeve to cover it.

As part of the franchise makeover when they moved into flashy Marlins Park, Stanton decided to go with a different look.

"Even when it didn't hurt, I decided, 'Hey, I'm going to make it kind of colorful,'" Stanton said.

More for peace of mind, Stanton continues to wear the sleeve, because he became used to playing with it.

The change this year is the bright color. He wears the red-orange sleeve pretty much every time the team isn't wearing their red-orange jerseys.

Only a couple of times, he's worn the black sleeve. His look has become red-orange, and fans have taken notice.

"Now it's famous," Stanton said. "It's good."