Stanton would gladly represent USA in Classic

Stanton would gladly represent USA in Classic

MIAMI -- Sometime before the regular season ends, Major League Baseball players expect to be contacted about the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

If Team USA calls Giancarlo Stanton, the Marlins slugger would more than gladly listen.

Asked if he would represent his country at the Classic, Stanton said: "Absolutely. Anything that represents your country is a big deal. It's relatively new. To have that be more popular, or make that more important to people, is ideal."

Stanton, 22, is one of the rising stars in the game.

The slugger has 34 homers in a season he's missed more than a month due to a right knee scope on July 8.

A number of Marlins players are expected to participate in the WBC. Jose Reyes said on Friday that, if asked, he again would play for the Dominican Republic.

Marlins Park also will be a site for WBC games.

Team USA will be managed by Joe Torre.

Stanton has never played for a national team at any level. The fact that he's healthy and productive are reasons why he would gladly play for Team USA.

"You never know how long a career can be, and you want to get that experience," Stanton said. "You never know how your health will be. In three years, something could go wrong. I'm able to do it now, and have no reason not to."