Ozzie conflicted about 2013 return to U.S. Cellular

Ozzie conflicted about 2013 return to U.S. Cellular

PHILADELPHIA -- Ozzie Guillen isn't quite sure how he will feel when he returns to U.S. Cellular Field for the first time next May. But the Marlins' skipper is looking forward to it.

Major League Baseball released its schedule for 2013 on Wednesday afternoon, and Guillen's return to Chicago on May 24-26 is arguably Miami's most intriguing Interleague series.

Guillen played for the White Sox from his rookie season in 1985 until '97, and he managed them from 2004 until last season, winning a World Series title in '05. Guillen still lives in Chicago and has a lot of friends there.

"Going there, how I'm going to feel? I don't know," Guillen said before Wednesday's series finale against the Phillies, an hour after the schedule was released. "It might feel weird. Obviously, I grew up in that ballpark. It's like you go to your old house. I grew up there. I have a lot of great memories there. I have a lot of very bad memories there, everything involved."

Guillen will have to wait until the day comes to know how he will respond emotionally. He returned to Chicago to face the Cubs on July 17-19, but that was different.

"You never know," he said. "Maybe I don't even care. Maybe I start crying. I don't know. Maybe I'm nervous. ... To me, I have to wait for that day to know exactly how I'm going to feel about it. I did it before as a player. But we'll see."