Marlins not in hurry to make too many callups

Marlins not in hurry to make too many callups

MIAMI -- Don't expect many new arrivals for the Marlins when rosters expand on Saturday.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said Tuesday he only expects two or three players to be called up next month as the season enters the home stretch.

"I don't expect that many guys," Guillen said. "I think we have enough. Obviously they're going to bring people, I don't know the names, but they're going to bring two or three guys."

The reason Guillen doesn't expect more is because many players are already with the team either because of injuries or deals the Marlins made before the non-waiver Trade Deadline. Young pitchers Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Turner are already in the rotation, catcher Rob Brantly was brought up a couple of weeks ago from the Minors, third baseman Nick Green is with the team -- though on the disabled list -- and other players have gone back and forth between the big league club and the Minors for much of the season, like Bryan Petersen, Donnie Murphy and Chris Hatcher.

Beyond the players that have been with the team this year -- names like Brett Hayes, Chris Coghlan and Scott Cousins -- Guillen doesn't want the team to rush many of the prospects in its farm system to the Majors too soon.

"You have to bring people to the big leagues if you need it and if they deserve to be in the big leagues," Guillen said. "I see a lot of big league teams call people up hitting .210 because he's a prospect, because he's their guy. I think people have to come to the big leagues because they earned it and they should be here, not because they have to be here."