Lee continues to come up clutch with Marlins

Lee continues to come up clutch with Marlins

DENVER -- Carlos Lee has been a solid clutch hitter throughout his career, which has included stops with four previous teams before the Marlins, who acquired him from the Astros on July 4.

With runners in scoring position this season entering Friday, Lee is 35-for-104 (.337) with one homer and 45 RBIs. With the Marlins, he's 16-for-36 (.444) with one homer and 25 RBIs in those situations.

"I guess [my] concentration level goes up," said Lee, who doubled home a run with two outs in the first inning on Friday night. "It shouldn't be that way, but it works that way for me. Particularly, maybe I concentrate a little more on staying inside the ball, [hitting to] the middle of the field."

Lee said it would be nice to have that heightened concentration level every time he came to the plate, and his teammates have made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion about how to achieve it.

"I try to," Lee said. "But it doesn't work that way. Even my teammates say they will put mannequins on the bases."