Back in Chicago, Ozzie reflects on White Sox tenure

Back in Chicago, Ozzie reflects on White Sox tenure

CHICAGO -- Whether he is cheered or jeered, Ozzie Guillen enjoys the energy and atmosphere at Wrigley Field.

The Marlins manager previously managed the White Sox for eight seasons. He played shortstop for them before that, and he continues to have a home in Chicago.

A few days ago, Guillen was asked about returning to Chicago. He said he would maybe look to make visits to the mound just to hear the crowd boo.

"When I was with the White Sox, it was different," Guillen said. "The rivalry was different. I was different. They don't like me. Everything was funny. I have a lot of fun here. I enjoy coming here. I think game time here is amazing."

Chicago is a homecoming of sorts for Guillen, Carlos Zambrano and Mark Buehrle.

Zambrano, of course, had a tumultuous tenure with the Cubs. And Buehrle was a steady presence for the White Sox.

Guillen joked with his kids about keeping their distance from Zambrano.

"I'm going to stay away from Carlos," the manager said. "I've already told my kids, if you are going to shag [fly balls], make sure you're 100 yards away from Carlos. You might get shot."