Solano gets reacquainted with Cardinals

Solano gets reacquainted with Cardinals

Solano gets reacquainted with Cardinals
MIAMI -- Donovan Solano will see a lot of familiar faces over the next three days.

Solano spent the past six years as a member of the Cardinals' organization before signing with the Marlins in the offseason. Now he will face off against many of the closest friends he has made as a professional baseball player.

"It's always good to see those guys," Solano said. "I have a lot of good friends over there that I have known for years."

During batting practice, Solano received several hugs and handshakes from Cardinals players and coaches. Yadier Molina and Jon Jay were just two of the many who were excited to see him.

"A lot of them congratulated me on getting to the big leagues," Solano said. "They said they're happy to see me find success, because they know how hard I always worked when I was there. Sometimes you need to go to another team to make it to the Majors, and they are happy that I finally made it. They told me to keep working hard, because only good can come of it."

Solano, who is batting .364 over 33 at-bats this year, was happy to see his former teammates, but he knows that they become "the enemy" once they take the field.

"Seeing them gives me a little more motivation to go play," Solano said. "We can be friendly before and after, but once the game starts, they become the opponent and I will have the mentality that I need to do whatever I can to help the Marlins beat them."