Morrison gets the call at first in Gaby's absence

Morrison gets the call at first in Gaby's absence

Morrison gets the call at first in Gaby's absence
CLEVELAND -- Sending Gaby Sanchez to Triple-A New Orleans has caused the Marlins to make some shifts at first base.

Manager Ozzie Guillen on Sunday said Logan Morrison and Greg Dobbs will be expected to see most of the time at first.

Morrison, groomed as a first baseman, was switched to left field when he broke into the big leagues in July 2010. He's been the team's regular in left ever since.

Against the Indians on Sunday, Morrison made his first start of the season at first base.

Earlier this year, Morrison previously saw action at first three times, as part of double-switches. He entered the series finale with the Indians having played 7 2/3 innings this year at first. The only other start at first in his career came in 2011.

"It's a funny thing about people, who think how easy it is to play first base," Guillen said. "It's not easy."

There is a feeling that playing first base will help Morrison's knees. The team has closely monitored his right knee, which underwent surgery last December.

Guillen says playing first base could be more of a grind on Morrison's legs.

"On every play that happens on the field, the first baseman has to move," the manager said. "Is that going to be easy for his legs or his knee? I don't know about that. A lot of people say, 'If you play LoMo at first base, his knee is going to be better?' No it's not.

"Each pitch you're moving. If you stand up in left field, if they hit it, there you go. First base, every pitch you're moving. Lateral. Back and forth. In and out. There is a lot of moving there. You get involved in the game more. I guarantee you LoMo is going to be sore."