Indians successfully implement shift on Morrison

Indians successfully implement shift on Morrison

CLEVELAND -- Logan Morrison is getting the lefty-slugger treatment at Progressive Field.

To Morrison's surprise, the Indians are using a dramatic infield shift when he comes to the plate.

It's the first time in his career that the opposition has employed a full shift, with the shortstop behind second base, the third baseman basically at shortstop and the second baseman in short right field.

In the Marlins' 3-2 win on Friday night, Morrison grounded out three times to the second baseman, who threw him out from the outfield grass.

"They were pretty good pitches that I got," said Morrison, who added he had never been dramatically shifted against in the past. "I kind of hit them on the ground to second base, which isn't really what I wanted to do there."

According to a hitting chart, the shift makes sense. This year, only 18 percent of the balls Morrison has put in play have been either at or left of where the shortstop would normally play.

To keep the defense honest, Morrison noted that he may drop a bunt in the direction of third base.

"I was going to bunt in that last at-bat," Morrison said. "I chickened out, because I don't really know how to bunt. I'm not above trying it."