Guillen admits NL poses tougher choices

Guillen admits NL poses tougher choices

ATLANTA -- The weekend trip to Cleveland for Interleague Play will make pitching decisions easier for Ozzie Guillen again. He admits his first year as a National League manager with the Marlins hasn't been without some tough calls.

With the White Sox, Guillen didn't have to worry about removing his starting pitcher for a pinch-hitter, even if he had a low pinch count.

Guillen had the luxury of the designated hitter in the American League. In the NL, there are more difficult decisions to make.

"I've got to take Carlos Zambrano out with 78 pitches? I take three guys out with 82 pitches, because I need a pinch-hitter," Guillen said. "I have to start learning how to process that. To me, that was hard, to look up, 'Oh, 78 pitches.' In the American League, that guy just started pitching and [the Marlins] have to pinch-hit for him. It's not easy to digest that.

"To me, it's very hard to take a pitcher out with 90 pitches and we're in the seventh. He can still pitch a couple more innings, but that's the way it is."