Webb emerging as dependable bullpen arm

Webb emerging as dependable bullpen arm

Webb emerging as dependable bullpen arm
MIAMI -- Versatility is one reason why Ryan Webb has become a valuable Marlins reliever.

The right-hander can pitch in the sixth or seventh innings, and he's durable to work more than one inning. On Wednesday in Houston, he threw 1 1/3 innings and picked up the victory. Twice he's gone two innings.

"We all have got to step up and do whatever we're called upon to do that day," said Webb, a native of Clearwater, Fla. "It's kind of been different for everybody at different times. You've got to always be ready to pitch and do whatever job they ask you to do that day."

Webb has quietly gone about his business. But his numbers are showing he's one of the most dependable arms in the bullpen.

The right-hander's 18 appearances are most on the team and tied for the second most in the Majors.

Mets lefty Tim Byrdak paces the Majors with 20 appearances, entering Sunday.

Webb is one of five relievers with 18. And his 17 2/3 innings is tied for the 16th most in the big leagues.

A sinkerball pitcher, Webb also happens to be throwing harder than any Miami reliever.

According to FanGraphs.com, which charts pitcher's velocity, Webb's fastball average is 94.2 mph. Closer Heath Bell is second at 93.2 mph.

In the past, Webb has reached 97 mph, which is rare for a sinkerball pitcher.

"I think velocity comes over the course of the season," Webb said. "The more you build up, the harder you're going to throw. Mechanically, right now, I feel pretty good. I'm repeating the delivery and being aggressive down in the zone. That's all I'm trying to do."