Dobbs says Marlins can turn things around

Dobbs says Marlins can turn things around

Dobbs says Marlins can turn things around
SAN FRANCISCO -- Talent isn't the issue. Performance is.

"Do we have the talent? Absolutely," Marlins veteran Greg Dobbs said. "No question. All of baseball knows that we have the talent. Are we underachieving? Absolutely, we're underachieving."

Miami's 8-14 record in April reflects the frustrations that have engulfed the team the past few weeks.

"Baseball is a funny game," said Dobbs, who was on a World Series championship team in Philadelphia. "Just because you did it before, just because you were there before does not guarantee you're going to do it again. You've got to earn it. Every year is different. This year is a perfect sign of that."

The Marlins are trying to turn things around in the ballpark where they last enjoyed a string of success.

A year ago, the Marlins came into San Francisco, completed a three-game sweep and exited appearing to be riding on a high.

Shortly afterward, the 2011 campaign began to unravel. Injuries and inconsistencies caught up to the club, and 2011 turned into a disappointing 72-90 campaign.

Much has changed since the Marlins exited San Francisco on May 26, 2011. They were 29-19 at the time.

Now, after a disappointing 8-14 April, the Marlins are looking to generate some positive momentum.

Since their last trip into San Francisco, the Marlins are 51-85. They've been outscored 603-495.

"Is it an issue? Yeah," Dobbs said of a pattern of losing. "I know we have to focus on the fact that we have so much talent in this clubhouse, and there is so much talent on this team. We can, we will and we should turn it around as soon as possible. There is no reason why we should be where we're at. But we are.

"We all have to look at each other in the mirror at the end of the day. 'Did I do everything I can do? Have I done everything I can do? And what can I do to improve myself to help this team win every day?'"