Big hit was big relief for Hanley

Big hit was big relief for Hanley

Big hit was big relief for Hanley
MIAMI -- There hasn't been much to smile about for the Marlins in the past week.

That changed on Saturday night when Hanley Ramirez delivered his second walk-off hit of the season, an RBI single to left field that lifted the Marlins to a 3-2 win over Arizona.

Along with being the game-winner, the hit was a huge relief for the Miami third baseman, who was mired in a 0-for-26 slump.

Miami is a team that is trying to feed upon energy. But before Saturday, the club had dropped six straight.

Collectively, the team was somber.

"You don't want to be smiling out there, because people are going to think you don't care about the game," Ramirez said. "It's way different when you're winning. Everything is different when you're winning."

Ramirez had gone from April 19 to the ninth inning on Saturday without a hit. The RBI was his first since April 18.

"Everybody is more relaxed right now," the third baseman said. "It's hard when you lose six in a row."

During the slump, Ramirez didn't tweak his swing much, because he had made an adjustment two weeks ago, which helped during his five-game hitting streak.

"It's not like I'd been striking out," he said. "I was putting the ball in play. I just have to continue to show improvement and cut my swing down."