Offensive woes won't affect hurlers' plan

Offensive woes won't affect hurlers' plan

Offensive woes won't affect hurlers' plan
NEW YORK -- A lack of run support isn't changing the approach of the Marlins' pitchers.

"I try to go out there and shut the team down every start, no matter if I know we're going to score 10 runs that game or if we're going to score one," left-hander Mark Buehrle said.

At a time when the Marlins are scuffling to score, the most encouraging part of the young season is the starting pitching has been strong.

In the first four games of the road trip, Miami's starters have allowed six runs in 27 2/3 innings (1.95 ERA).

Buehrle turned in a strong seven innings on Wednesday night, allowing two runs. But the veteran came out on the losing end of a 5-1 decision to the Mets at Citi Field.

Manager Ozzie Guillen is confident the offense will turn around. He noted that he would be more concerned if the starting pitching was an issue.

"If it was the pitching staff, then you could be like, 'Wow, that's something to worry about,'" Guillen said. "I think the talent we have in the lineup is good enough to score some runs."

For the most part, the starters have done their job all season.

Miami's rotation has a 3.75 ERA on the season, which is sixth best in the National League.

With little run support, it reduces the margin of error for a pitcher.

Buehrle found that out on Wednesday night, when he elevated a changeup on an 0-2 pitch to David Wright, who belted a two-run homer in the sixth inning.

"Obviously, when you get more runs, you realize you can make a mistake," Buehrle said. "If a guy hits a home run off you, it's not a killer. But at the same time, I go out there trying to make my pitches, no matter if we're up, 1-0, or, 10-0. I try to make my pitches and get guys out."

Buehrle was signed as a free agent to provide experience and log his share of innings. He says the Marlins need to keep pushing through, and notes that the club is in a stretch where they're facing quality pitching as well.

"We're facing good pitching, so you can't sit there and say that we're not hitting and we're not hitting off pitchers we should be crushing," Buehrle said. "We're facing some good pitching, and that's what those guys are supposed to do off our hitters, keep them off balance."