Bonifacio showcasing game-changing speed

Bonifacio showcasing game-changing speed

Bonifacio showcasing game-changing speed
MIAMI -- As advertised, the Marlins will run when given a chance.

Emilio Bonifacio is certainly showcasing his game-changing speed.

The Miami center fielder entered Wednesday with seven stolen bases, which is tied for the National League lead.

Bonifacio is off to a terrific start, batting second behind Jose Reyes and in front of Hanley Ramirez.

A switch-hitter, Bonifacio is hitting .348, and he's scored nine runs.

"Boni is doing everything we're asking him to do, besides hitting .300-something," manager Ozzie Guillen said. "He's getting on base. Like I've said earlier, we've got the speed, and we're going to use it. This kid has been very good since Spring Training. Last year, he had a great year. This year, it's a carryover. He's a big part in the games we're winning, and the rallies we've had."

The Marlins set up their lineup to offer game-changing speed at the top of their order. Reyes upped his average to .240 with two hits in Wednesday's 9-1 win.

"When one of those two guys get on base, they make something happen," Guillen said. "When both guys get on base, it makes it more exciting.

"Right now, Reyes, he will get out of the slump. I think he is trying to do too much, that's my opinion. When those two guys, get hot, we'll score a lot of runs. Right now, they're off and on."