Ozzie: Cora capable of more than part-time gig

Ozzie: Cora capable of more than part-time gig

MIAMI -- Filling in for Ozzie Guillen is nothing new for Marlins bench coach Joey Cora.

Throughout the years, starting with the White Sox and now in Miami, Cora has managed when Guillen wasn't available. Cora guided the Marlins when Guillen served his five-game suspension, which ended before Tuesday's opener with the Cubs.

Guillen makes it clear that Cora could manage in the big leagues on more than a temporary basis.

"It surprises me that he's not there," Guillen said. "I'm very surprised."

For selfish reasons, Guillen wants Cora to stick around as his bench coach.

"I hope he's not a big league manager for another four years, because I want him and I need him," Guillen said, referring to his own four-year contract. "But I never deny how much I want Joey Cora to be a manager. You know when you have a kid and he graduates from college? That's going to be my proudest day, to see my best friend have his goal being made.

"Believe me, it surprises me he doesn't have a job yet. If I'm a big league manager, Joey Cora should be a big league manager."