Demand for Marlins tickets keeps growing

Demand for Marlins tickets keeps growing

Demand for Marlins tickets keeps growing
MIAMI -- The Marlins project to have a solid 15,000 season tickets sold by Opening Day.

If momentum keeps building, they might be in position to cap their season tickets, to make room for groups and people traveling into Miami who want to attend games.

The Marlins open on April 4 against the Cardinals in a game that will be nationally televised.

In their artistically structured stadium, which has a capacity of 37,000, the Marlins plan on selling season ticket packages a month or two after the season starts.

"We've never done this, but we project that we will be selling season tickets through May, which is a nice thing that we were never able to do," Samson said.

There is high demand in the team's inaugural year at Marlins Park.

"For us, we would probably cap it at 18,000, and then start a waiting list, because there is such a demand from groups and for people coming from Naples and the Keys," Samson said. "Tickets are going so well. That's part of the supply and demand. We would never want to sell 35,000 season tickets. We couldn't or wouldn't."

The thought of actually turning away potential season-ticket holders is something entirely new for the franchise, which had sparse crowds at Sun Life Stadium.

Samson couldn't help but laugh at their season ticket total of last year.

"We did a calculation, and we were No. 125 in season tickets," Samson said. "I'm counting Minor League teams, hockey teams, [etc.]."

Asked if they were last in the Major Leagues, Samson quipped: "We weren't last. Last was so far ahead of us. We were three standard deviations from last, which is the best way to say that."